Victoria Stoyanova

I am Victoria Stoyanova, an artist. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on 23rd May, 1968.

My life is a colourful and emotional journey with many and different creative pursuits.
I used to have ambitious dreams for the big music scene and spent my childhood attending music lessons. Although these dreams didn’t come true, my great passion for music is still an important part of my being.

My professional path began at the age of 20 as a fashion designer. I experienced an exciting 10 years of life on wheels, an emotional race between ateliers, production, reviews, glamorous stages, spotlights and exhausting sleepless nights. At the age of 29, already tired of this lifestyle, I decided to look for a quieter connection with my soul and spend a longer time in front of the easel with paints and brushes in hand. Alone with the Muse. On my 30th birthday, I had my first solo exhibition on the Greek island of Syros. What an amazing experience! Over the years, my love for painting replaced everything else and became my philosophy and the meaning of a new life. Today, 26 years later, I can boldly say that I am happy with the choice I did. I finally found myself. During all these years, I managed to realize almost 50 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, France, England, Greece, Italy and Spain. I have fulfilled many dreams!

I gained more courage and participated in two world competitions, winning both of them. First place in Moscow – International Competition Contemporary Artists “Step to Success 2013”. And second place in Oxford – International Art Competition “Tears of Happiness” Oxford 2013.

I am grateful to the destiny for the life I have. All kind of topics are my inspiration. I love traveling around the world. I meet many interesting and gifted people. I can find a new Muse everywhere. There is peace in my soul and many more dreams to come to live

I am grateful that I was able to give new life to my immense childhood love for music. To dress this love in new clothes. To play it again, but this time with brushes and paints. And with a colourful heart. Welcome to my world!