Victoria Stoyanova

As an artist, my journey has been a continuous exploration of the world’s beauty, emotions, and the profound connection between the two. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and, from a very young age I felt a deep connection to the world of art. It was as if colors, shapes, and emotions spoke to me in a language that was uniquely my own.

My early influences were rooted in my Bulgarian heritage, which is a tapestry woven with rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes. The breathtaking scenery of Bulgaria, from the lush green forests to the majestic mountains and serene lakes, has always been a source of inspiration for my work. These natural landscapes are not just a backdrop; they are living, breathing entities that hold the stories and emotions of generations.

I embarked on my formal artistic education at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, where I honed my skills and refined my artistic voice. It was during these formative years that I began to develop my signature style, characterized by the use of vibrant and bold colors. To me, color is not just a visual element; it’s a powerful tool to convey emotions. Every brushstroke, every shade, and every hue are carefully chosen to evoke a specific feeling or mood.

One of the aspects of art that I find most captivating is its ability to express the depth and complexity of human emotions. Throughout my career, I’ve sought to explore the entire spectrum of emotions, from the joy and love that uplift us to the sorrow and introspection that challenge us. My works are a reflection of the human experience, a way to connect with others on a deeply emotional level.

My style can be best described as a fusion of abstract expressionism and figurative art. I often blend abstract elements with recognizable figures to create a sense of ambiguity and intrigue. This allows viewers to interpret and connect with my art in their own unique way, making each piece a personal experience.

In addition to exploring human emotions, I draw upon Bulgarian mythology and folklore to infuse my work with a sense of mysticism and cultural significance. These ancient tales and legendary creatures provide a rich tapestry upon which I can weave my own narratives and interpretations.

Over the years, my work has earned me numerous awards and recognition in the art world. It has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums across the globe. But beyond the accolades, what truly matters to me is the emotional connection my art forms with those who view it. When someone tells me that my painting resonated with them or touched their heart, that is the most rewarding moment for an artist.

As I continue on this artistic journey, my aim is to keep pushing the boundaries of my creativity, to keep exploring the limitless world of colors and emotions. My art is not just a reflection of me; it’s a mirror that reflects the depth and diversity of the human experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with the world and to invite others to join me on this voyage of discovery through the world of colors and emotions.